Clara And Rosa

Today a radio drama went out to commemorate 60 years since Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.

Earlier this Autumn I got involved with a Theatre Royal Engage Project which led to a play by Tom Wainwright touring in and around Bath. Clara and Rosa is set on a bus in modern day Bristol and revolves around a pregnant activist en route to a protest and an unlikely friendship made on the bus journey.

I was sent some information to distribute from the Theatre Royal Bath about an audition back in the Summer. I forwarded the information on but was also drawn into the idea of the play and so I decided at short notice to audition after at least a decade out of acting. I was delighted to get the part and have been commended on my Southern accent! After the tour I approached Ujima and BCfm who both supported the idea of a radio drama. Playing the ghost of Rosa Parks has also given me strength and a creative escape in what has been a turbulent few months at Carnival.

I am keen to get back into more creative work including dance and I hope this will lead to other opportunities.  I edited the recording and added in sound effects – a long process and its not a perfect job but it was enjoyable!

The play also features professional actress Rebecca Benzie as Clara, and was aired today at 9am on the One Love Breakfast Show (BCfm 93.2fm or Ujima 98fm) as well as online.  Tuesday the 1st of December marks 60 years since Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white passenger in segregated America which led to the civil rights movement.Clara n Rosa photo 1Listen back to the play here:



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